The roules of the mechanical device


1. Always know what you are doing

2. Make sure the atomizer you are using is appropriate

3. Create suitable resistors for mechanical use

4. Test the atomizer, once it is regenerated, on a circuit board or box

5. Always check the battery charge status

6.Accure the structural integrity of the battery and use only safe batteries

7. DO NOT ATTEMPT the key without the installed atomizer and battery inserted

8. Verify the correct operation of the key

9.Perodically proceed to cleaning the pipe and the threads, also checking the structural integrity of the insulators, both of the tube and the atomizers

10. The first and only security device of a mechanic is YOU SAME.


1.The mechanic is not just dripping and extreme wattaggi, mechanical pulling is just one of the ways to deliver current and create steam. Having no circuit protection, it needs a learning path and a good bag of technical and physical knowledge by the potential user

2. In any mechanical device, any atomizer, tank or dripping device can be used with pre-made or regenerable coils. If using a mechanic with ibiride attachment (atomizer with direct contact with the batteries) use only atomizers with positive pin not spring / mobile and well protruding against the negative outer thread.

3. There is no need to push the limits to enjoy the mechanical jerk, remember that the more you drop below the value of 1 Ohm is the more risky. As a general concept do not go below 0.3 ohms to keep within the limits of relative safety. IF YOU WANT TO LEAD TO THE LIMITS OF THE CURRENT CIRCUIT THROUGH USED BOC WITH CIRCUIT.

4.Unplugged, a piece of thread forgotten inside the atomiser, a broken insulator or a screw not secured well can unfortunately happen, even to the most experienced. Try a few activations on a tab or an electronic box, making sure everything works properly and the endurance is OK to the designed value will avoid big problems.

5. It seems stupid to remember it, but activating a residual charge battery under 3.2V can lead to a series of unpleasant consequences.

6. Only use Safe Chemical Batteries and Manufactured with Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic. All the others are not to be used

7.Pressing the button without the atomizer mounted will close the circuit. The problem in many hybrid tubes is that by doing so, the positive of the battery in contact with the top plate of the tube is sent, ie the negative by creating a CORTOCIRCUIT.

8. Keep the tube clean, especially the thread and the button components, for both conductivity and safety. Disassembling a tube to clean it means checking it visually. Insulators are also subject to wear, checking that they are integrity means avoiding problems upstream. The same applies to mechanical boxes.

9.The button must have a free run, never bump, be too hard, move in the seat, have a longer or short run than usual. Any abnormal operation can hide problems not to be underestimated.

10. Every time you take a mechanical device in your hand, be aware of this fact; The only security device you are. Each time you put the device on, make sure that the key lock (if present) is inserted, make sure it can not accidentally turn on. Avoid holding free mechanical devices in your purse, pocket with other items, and so on. Check more times and never give up for anything.